WHO ARE WE? | All About JJE

Joy at Journey’s End believes the inherent strength of a woman is amplified by the healing powers of nature.  We endeavor to harness that power and embed it in our handcrafted products.  The range of products we offer help ease pregnancy discomfort, promote postpartum healing, and enhance self-care experiences.

Our products are made in small batches and have 10 ingredients or less.  We use organic herbs and botanicals whenever possible and our ingredients are always all-natural.  For each formulation our objective is to craft a functional, safe, and healthy product that both smells and makes you feel fantastic!


Encouraging women to cherish their Magic and invest in routine self-care using herbal and botanical products uniquely concocted to pamper the body and relax the mind.

Core Beliefs

Nurtured by Nature

The foundation for all our concoctions is this beautiful Earth we live on.  Every herb, oil, and butter we use comes from the pharmacy of life.  There’s no ailment or discomfort too great for nature to cure.  We also make sure to choose suppliers that practice ethically sound behaviors and never test on animals.


We understand the frustration of spending hard earned money and time on an item that essentially doesn’t “do” what it says it does.  That’s why we make sure the description on the outside of the container reflects the abilities of the contents inside.  We believe products can be both good to you and work for you.


Being honest and fair is who we are.  Building trust and maintaining good relationships are our goals.  We endeavor to stay consistent and truthful with our products and our business practices.  If you have a question, comment or concern, voice it.  We encourage your feedback.


Self-care is very important to both health and wellness.  As women, we often place ourselves last, putting the care of our family, friends and even co-workers above ourselves.  JJE seeks to promote pampering, for both body and mind, as a part of your every day routine.  Not just when you pencil yourself in.


We are mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, friends and most of all, womxn.  Though our path’s may differ, our desired outcomes are the same- to be happy, healthy and strong.  By supporting one another we can achieve all this and more.  United we are unstoppable!