Moisturized + Unbothered Holiday Gift Set


Give the gift of luxurious self-care this holiday season with our Moisturized + Unbothered holiday gift set.  Treat the person you love (especially if that person is yourself) to deliciously scented, moisturized skin + peace of mind!

The 2019 Holiday Gift Set includes:

  • 1 oz. Nectar Drop in Azara
  • 1 oz. Buttercream in Eden
  • 2 oz. Pause – peace & pillow mist
  • 4 oz. Rewind – botanical bath salts
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II PAUSE II – peace and pillow mist
Pause is a body + aura + linen spray concocted as an aromatherapy saving grace.  Whenever you need a moment to regroup, refocus, or just to put yourself in a better mood, spray this mist onto your body, in the atmosphere around your face and head, or directly onto to your pillow or sheets.  Then, take a deep breath, hold it, and set your intention.  YOU decide how the rest of your day is going to go, and WE’RE here to support you.

<< REWIND << – botanical bath salts
Rewind is a botanical infused bath salt concocted to relax and detox the body.  Run a hot bath, pour a couple of tablespoons into the water, and sink your body into bliss.  Let the triple salt action pull toxins from your pores while the botanicals create a vibe of calm and rest.  Let your troubles melt away as you return to a state of evenness.

Nectar Drops are a the same decadently scented, botanical infused, nourishing blend of oils as the Body Nectar, but in a more potent formulation.  Anoint your inner wrists, base of throat, behind ear lobes, Décolleté (AKA cleavage), and behind your knees.  As you wear your organic concoction throughout the day it will react with your body heat and continue envelope you in a cloud of sumptuous scent.  Bless yourself and those around you with good vibes.

The most decadent of all body desserts! Buttercream will keep your body supple and moist, like the slice of cake you are.  Apply it to your hands, heels, or all over your body (not your face) to maintain a nourishing barrier on your skin, especially in cold weather.  Organic Shea butter, Organic Coconut, and cold-pressed Avocado oil are whipped to perfection while healing Vitamin E oil and fragrant Essential oils (no fragrance oils) are slowly added.  The result is creamy, medium-thickness, body moisturizer that will leave your skin soft, smooth, and satiated.

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